There are a few things you need to do to get PayPal integrated correctly with your Woo Commerce store. Paypal basically wants to know that you are who say you are and that it really is your Paypal account. There are also a few settings that will make sure it all works properly too.

So first off I’d suggest opening two tabs in your browser and logging into your WordPress account on one and your Paypal account on the other. You will be switching between the two a bit during this process.


Step 1

Log into your WordPress account, click on Woo commerce > Settings > Checkout >Paypal

Add your email address that you use to log into Paypal with.

Step 2

Ok, Over to Paypal

Firstly log into your Paypal account, click on Profile > Selling Tools > Update API Access

Step 3

Next, select option 2.

Step 4

Then click on show on all three  options and copy and paste them one at a time into your WordPress Paypal settings page (next image gives more info on this).

Step 5

Now head back to your WordPress Paypal settings page and scroll to the bottom. You can copy those three items from your Paypal account we just found into these three fields.

Step 6

Now go back to Paypal > Profile > Selling Tools and click on Update Website Preferences

Step 7

Once in there, follow the steps shown in the image and copy the Identity token and copy it back into your WordPress PayPal settings page.

Step 8

Final step, back into WordPress . About half way down the Paypal settings page, paste the Identity token you just found in Paypal.

And last of all add the email address that you’d like to receive notifications when you receive a payment. Note that you should select an address that you’re happy to have long term and ideally one that you check regularly. (I tend to use the address the I receive other notifications from my website with).


I hope this is useful for you. Let me know if you need any of the steps clarified further in a comment below or via the contact form