Technical Support in 2017

In order to keep up with current rates and to make sure I can keep my business running I have changed my rates to better cover the technical ability required. Whenever you need help or want to add new functionality to your site, just shoot me and email and I’ll let you know which category it fits into and an estimate of the time needed.

My goal is to support you and your business and to make sure I can run a business that survives and thrives long into the future. I’ll never rip you off!

Basic support – $75/hour

For simple sites, this will cover most of your requests. It includes any of the following:
– Changes to existing content and images
– Adding new pages to your site using an existing page as a template.
– Additional training on how to make changes yourself.
– New forms or changes to current ones.
– Mailchimp Integration
– Adding other standard plugins like bloom (pop up plugin),
– And many other things (just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know if it fits into this category).

Advanced Support – $125/hour

This rate is charged for more out of the box requests. It includes:
– Customisations to woo commerce or membership plugins (including adding new side plugins to these types of sites).
– Customisations to regular sites that are a little more unique and require a more custom solution.

When you ask me to make a change for you, I will be able to tell you if it fits this category up front, so you can decide if you’re still happy to go ahead with it.

Custom Coding – $150/hour

If you need a new feature that we can’t find a plugin to tackle the problem with, and it needs custom PHP coding, I will need to outsource that work. It will also need checks for security and more work in ongoing updates. So this will be charged at a higher rate. Most additional work won’t need this, and I will let you know if that’s what you’re asking for before we begin the work.



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