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For the first 3 years Endure Web Studios started as a one-woman show, but as demand grew it was time to grow bigger. As the name suggests, there has always been the dream of growing much bigger. We’re now a team of two! Sophie is the perfect addition to the team. We work from our homes and meet clients at cafes. This means that our clients don’t pay big overheads of an office or our coffee consumption. 

Sarah Oates

Founder, Designer, Frontend WordPress Developer

I’ve been inspired by design for as long as I can remember, and have over 13 years’ experience in the field. I worked for a charity for 10 years, where I learned how to listen to people, work hard and never stop until the job is done.

On top of that, I’m secretly a bit of a nerd. When I was introduced to CSS (a web language) I suddenly felt at home, combining my love of tech and design.

My ultimate weakness is stationery. I love a trip to Officeworks and own more highlighters than I care to admit, all in search of just the right pastel colour.

Sophie Hynson

Graphic Designer

Becoming a graphic designer has been my passion for nearly 20 years. I have always wanted an artistic, creative career and as a child desperately wanted to be a children’s book illustrator.

After 10 years as a designer in advertising and design agencies, I have been privileged to work with a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to multinational companies. With vast experience in a range of design disciplines including web and print design, branding, advertising, and logo development, I have now been freelancing since 2012.

My experience has taught me that no two companies are the same, therefore their design solutions should not be the same. I believe every project should be approached with thoughtfulness and intelligence, uniquely designed and crafted with the greatest of care.

I love my job… and I still love children’s books!


What makes me better than the other options around?


We’re really passionate about what we do, and that comes through in our work. We only take on projects where we can see a potential to do great work. It’s more than just another job. When we’re all in, we’re more creative, and the sites reap the benefits.



We want to know what you like, and what you see that your business needs.  Too many designers come in loaded with assumptions.  They try to impose their own style, or steer you towards for a more expensive site. This is your business, your brand, and your site. we’ll ask the right questions, make suggestions and work up a design with you.



We’ve spent years building our skills and keeping up with best practices in web design, coding and security. We continue to study as things change. Other designers will just build a site that looks good on the surface, but leaves you open to being hacked.  We’ll build you a site that looks great AND stays secure.



After your site is built, we won’t run away. We offer ongoing maintenance, to make sure your site stays in good shape. We offer maintenance packages if you think you’ll need regular help, but we’re also up for a quick phone call.


You’ll get a quality website, a personal experience, and all without the overheads of an agency.

I highly recommend her services!

“It has been a wonderful process!  Sarah’s combination of talents, design and technological, are a rare find. The site looks great and functions well.  She responds quickly and generously to all my requests, teaching and encouraging as she goes.  I highly recommend her services.”

Helena Phillips, Well Source

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