Website Design and Development

Endure helps small businesses stand out in the crowd, we do this by listening to you and creating custom work to make you shine.

Your website is the face of your business. When people hear about you, the first thing they’ll do is hit Google. What happens next? Can they find you? When they land on that first page, what does it say about your business? If it loads slow, doesn’t work on mobile, or the design is outdated, what does that say about what you’re like to work with?

We build websites that look modern and professional and are easy to navigate. They work just as well on mobiles as they do on desktops (a must these days for good SEO rankings).

We are based in the Canberra, in Tuggeranong, and are happy to meet with you over zoom or in-person to talk about your website.

So let’s make you a site that shows off your best side.

What do you get with an Endure website?

We keep all our design and development in-house. Here is what you can expect with an Endure Website:

Custom Designed

Every business is different, and has different needs. We’ll design a unique website that will show all your business has to offer. Check out some of our past work. 

Easy to navigate

Clean and easy to navigate websites sell more products to more clients. People want to be able to find the information they need.

SEO Friendly

Each page has easy access for Google and all our sites are then set up with Google Analytics. We will also connect your website to Google Search Console. 

Securely Built

We build all our sites with security front of mind. We also offer managed hosting to ensure that ongoing your website will be looked after and kept secure. 

Fully Responsive

All our pages are responsive, meaning they will view well on a mobile, tablet, laptop or large screen monitor. Your page will look professional, keeping up with technology.

Personalised Training

We provide full training after your site is built, so you can make content and image changes by yourself. You won’t be tied to us for every little change, you will be empowered to do it yourself (if you want to).

Managed Hosting

Websites require looking after and we’re here to do it for you. It will be secure and looked after by us so you can sit back and let your website do the hard work. Find more more here. 

Ongoing Support

If you choose to host your website yourself, we are still here for you to come to if you need help. We’re only an email away or if you’re in Canberra we can even meet for a coffee. 

Website Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably still have lots of questions, and that’s completely fine. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please get in touch, and we can answer it directly.

Do you only work with Canberra Clients?

While we started in Tuggeranong in Canberra, we’ve always worked with clients all over Australia. We are also quite happy to work with you no matter where you are in Australia. Online video calls are great and it’s just as good as meeting in person. Get in contact and let’s get started.

Do you work with WordPress?

Absolutely, in fact, it’s the only content management system we work with. Why? Because our mission is to empower small businesses, and WordPress gives the most freedom to create the custom website you need, and flawless connection to Google while also being simple enough for you to make changes moving forward.

WordPress websites also have room for your business to grow and develop without having to change CMS. Some of the biggest websites in the world use WordPress.

How much will a website cost?

How long is a piece of string? Honestly, it depends on what you’re looking for. At one end of the spectrum, we have a one-page brochure site that puts you on the internet. At the other end, we have multiple pages, blogs, memberships, online stores and more. Of course, both these sites would have very different costs. 

As a rough guideline, a lot of small businesses are looking for our basic package.
What you get in that is:

  • We will research your competitors and create a custom design to target your specific audience and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Build you five fabulous pages using WordPress and your custom-designed theme.
  • A fully responsive website that works beautifully on mobiles, tablets and desktops on all modern browsers. 
  • Include an online contact form, giving an easy way for people to contact you.
  • A Google Map (if you want one). 
  • Your social media accounts are connected to your website.
  • Connection to Google, including helping make sure all your pages speak to Google in a friendly way
  • We also make sure you have your Google Business page and suggest any changes so your website gets the most from it. 
  • Personalised training videos, so you are fully empowered to update words and images on your website without needing to outsource. 

As you can see, it’s more than just the basics!
The investment for a site like this is $6050 inc GST. 

To new small businesses, this can feel like a lot, but to put it in perspective, we have had clients quoted 4 times this price at a local Agency for precisely the same thing. 

Do you require payment upfront?

We ask for a 30% deposit upfront, which is non-refundable. This is to cover the cost of the time we spend on research and design. It means that if either of us decides the partnership is not working, you won’t need to pay anything further and we can part ways simply.

What are your payment terms?

It’s pretty simple. We start work after you have paid the first 30% payment. Once you have signed off on the design, we ask for the second 30% payment. We begin building your site after you have made this payment. The final 40% payment is due when the site is ready to go live.

If for some reason the site can’t go live because you haven’t been able to provide the content/images, we may also ask for a progress payment for the work that has been completed. You can also see more of our Terms and conditions here.

How long will it take to complete my project?

It depends a lot on just how big the project is. For a super simple site, you could be looking at going live in 6 weeks, for larger sites you could be up to 3 months. Once we know what you’re looking for we can give you a better idea of what timeframe your site will take.

One of the biggest things that takes time, is your job! Writing the content and gathering assets like logos, photos, domain logins etc. If you need help with this we can recommend some great people to help with content and photos.

What is included in a round of revision?

When designing for you, we include rounds of revisions as a part of your quote. The idea is that initially, we will come up with what we think will work for you, but in most cases, a few things will need to be modified. You can give us feedback and we will come back to you with a revised version of the design. Each time we send you a copy of the design back to you, that is a round of revision. So to get the most out of your revisions, we recommend taking the time to look through and give us as much information about what you like and don’t like, so we can do them all in one go and you only use one round of revision for the changes.

Because this process takes time, once we have reached our quoted limit of revisions we will have to charge for each additional round of revisions after that. We will let you know how much you will be looking at paying for each additional round required.

What's the difference between a 'round of revision' and a 'design concept'?

If we have quoted to provide 2 design concepts with 3 rounds of revisions this would include two unique initial designs, after you have selected one of those designs we will then offer up to 3 revisions on that chosen design. In between each round of revisions you will have the chance to give us feedback.

If you aren’t happy with either of the initial design concepts and would like a whole new concept we will renegotiate the quote at that point.

How do we get started?

It’s easy, just fill out our contact form and let us know a bit about you and your project. We will get back to you and arrange a time to talk on the phone, video call, or meeting in person.

Kind words

“We have loved working with Sarah from day 1. She was on board with our requirements from the start and has simplified our website, making it easy to update in-house, safer and more secure and is now hosting it for us to ensure it stays that way. In addition, Sarah is quick to respond to queries and explains everything really clearly, making the ongoing relationship both productive and painless. We can’t recommend her services highly enough to any Canberra small businesses!”